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At Franchise AVS, we make it simple for you to own a piece of top brands, turning your dream into a business you love. Join us and step into a world of endless possibilities, guided by people who care and understand.

About Us

Welcome to Franchise AVS, a manifestation of the vision, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit of our founder and CEO, Mr. Varun Singh. The inception of AVS is a narrative of aspiration, dating back to 2009 when Mr Varun embarked on his franchising voyage with Franchise in India. His journey, enriched with experiences, insights, and a commendable reputation, led to the birth of Franchise AVS. The acronym AVS is a tribute to the trio of Arnav, Varun, and Swati, who are the pillars of this enterprise.

Our ethos at Franchise AVS is centred around fostering a symbiotic environment for investors and brands alike. We pride ourselves in being an investor-centric organization, with a firm belief in the potential of the right opportunities, robust networks, enriched knowledge, and the sweet fruit of success that follows. We are dedicated to guiding investors towards the right business choices and assisting organizations in their franchise expansion endeavours.

At the core of our offerings is a plethora of services aimed at brand promotion, a crucial ingredient for the growth and sustainability of any business. Our journey so far has been adorned with collaborations with over a thousand top-notch brands in the market including esteemed names like Zudio By TATA, Gola Sizzlers, Nirula’s, Starbucks, Tanishq by Tata, KFC, Domino’s, Anytime Fitness Gym, Chicago Pizza, and many more. Our extensive experience in retail leasing & franchising since 2009 amplifies our capability to bridge the gap between brands and the right leasing opportunities.

Our association with such a wide array of brands reflects the trust, credibility, and strong network that we bring to the table. We cherish our role as facilitators in the franchising realm, empowering entrepreneurs, aiding investors in making informed decisions, and assisting organizations in navigating the franchising landscape.

We, at Franchise AVS, are not just about business transactions; we are about building enduring relationships, nurturing dreams, and contributing to a vibrant franchising ecosystem. Our journey continues with an unwavering focus on fostering the interests of investors, promoting a multitude of brands, and paving the way for a thriving franchising community.

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A franchising is a method of marketing products or services in which a franchisor develops the designer’s trade name and fundamental business structure and a franchisee pays a royalty and generally an extra fee to be granted the right to capitalize on the franchisor’s name and operating system. Although the deal between the parties is officially referred to as a “franchise,” the term is most typically used to refer to the company that the owner owns and operates. Franchising is the process of creating and expanding a branded and franchising system.

In India, the franchises industry is currently growing. Instead of starting their own company from scratch, entrepreneurs prefer to own a franchise. A franchise system, often known as franchising, is when an already successful company enables another entrepreneur to use its name and domain for a fee. Thus, franchise system is the process by which a well-established entity offers a licence to the next entity to operate the business using its brand, trademark, and experience. The franchisor is the organisation that issues a business licence to another organisation. The franchisee is the organisation that purchases the franchisor’s business licence.

Franchise owners don’t often earn normal, flat-rate salary, unlike most other employment options. Instead, the success of the company benefits the franchisor as well as the franchisee. Royalties and other fees paid by franchisees provide income for the franchisor. Profits from sales and support agreements are how a franchise owner gets paid. This is typically the money that is left over from income after overhead expenses have been deducted. A physical location’s upkeep costs, such as energy, internet, etc., are also considered overhead costs. They can include equipment prices and fees, stocking and supply costs, employee wages and perks, and so on. An important distinction between a franchise and a normal business model is that a franchise typically carries fees for both ownership and operation.

You want to locate a franchise that exhibits strong profit margins and reasonably low operating costs because the most productive franchises are those with the best ROI. Limited capital franchises are a wonderful place to start. Numerous low-cost franchises don’t require a physical site because they may act from home or while travelling, significantly reducing initial costs. When you operate a home-based or mobile-based franchise, you don’t have to pay rent, assemble fees, bills, or other costs associated with a brick-and-mortar site. Additionally, many inexpensive franchisees have limited or no hiring requirements at first, which dramatically reduces operational costs.