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The Brown burger Co Franchise in Delhi NCR and India

The Delicious Success Opportunity – Brown Burger Co Franchise Opportunity

Do you also want to make a mark in this ever growing food industry? So what are you looking for, because Brown Burger Co is presenting an exciting franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to enter this amazing food market with a unique and healthy concept. 

Area Required (sq.ft)

100 – 2000

Brand Outlets

32 - 37


7Lakh - 1Cr
Brown Burger Co Franchise opportunity in Delhi NCR & India

More About Brown Burger Co

At Brown Burger Co, they pride themselves on being India’s first and favourite multigrain burger brand. As they say that their mission is simple yet ambitious: to reinvent the concept of fast food by offering healthier alternatives without compromising on taste.

Healthy, Delicious, and Wholesome

Their burgers and snacks are made with the finest quality ingredients, including multigrain bread, honey oats, and wheat.They believe in the concept that healthy food should also be delicious and satisfying, that’s why they have created a range of mouthwatering burgers and snacks that are sure to delight customer’s taste buds.

A New Approach to Fast Food

Gone are the days when fast food meant sacrificing your health for convenience. At Brown Burger Co, they have changed the game by offering fast food that is not only convenient but also nutritious and wholesome.

Why Should You Choose the Brown Burger Co Franchise?


Unique and Healthy Recipes

They offer a range of unique, healthy burger recipes made with freshly baked multigrain bread, honey oats, and wheat.
Their innovative recipes combine great taste with nutritional value, making them a hit among health-conscious consumers.

Low Investment, High Returns

Their franchise model is designed to offer maximum returns with minimum investment.
With their compact setup, you can start your own Brown Burger Co outlet with minimal investment and enjoy high returns.

National & International Expansion

Join a brand that is rapidly expanding across India and has plans for international expansion.
Become a part of their success story and benefit from our established and reputable brand.

Fresh Concept, Low Competition

Brown Burger Co is a fresh concept in the food industry, offering healthy alternatives to traditional fast food.
With their unique concept, you’ll face less competition and have a greater chance of success in the market.

Comprehensive Support & Training

We provide comprehensive support and training to their franchisees, covering every aspect of setup, operations, staffing, audit, and marketing. Get benefitted from their years of experience and expertise in the food service industry.

Franchise Plans :

Compact Model Franchise Opportunity :

With their  Compact Model, you can start your own Brown Burger Co outlet with minimal investment and enjoy high returns. What you will get with this model?

Minimum Area Required: Just 700 sq.ft area is required, making it easier to find the perfect location for your outlet.
Outlet Setup Cost: The setup cost is only Rs. 25 Lakhs, ensuring a low initial investment.
Franchise Fee: The franchise fees is just Rs. 7 Lakhs, giving you access to their established and reputable brand.
Marketing Support: Rs. 50,000 for 6 months, helping you promote your outlet and attract more customers.
Comprehensive Training: You will benefit from their comprehensive training program, covering every aspect of setup, operations, staffing, and marketing.
Royalty: Just 6% of sales, ensuring that you only pay when you succeed.

Business Model Features:

One Kitchen, Multiple Brands: With their innovative franchise model, you can operate multiple brands under a single banner, maximising your revenue and customer base.

Low Investment, High Return: Their franchise model is designed for maximum profitability with minimal investment, ensuring quick ROI and long-term success.

Comprehensive Support: From setup to operations, marketing, and audits, they will provide complete support and guidance to their franchisees every step of the way.

Fresh, Healthy Concept: Join a brand that is revolutionising the fast food industry with its fresh and healthy concept, offering unique multigrain burger recipes that are sure to delight customers.


It’s the best time to invest in such a brand that is setting new standards in terms of fast foods, and as people are moving towards healthy options nowadays so joining hands with Brown Burger Co. will help attracting customers and further profits.
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to be part of India’s fastest growing multigrain burger chain. 
Contact us now to learn more about their franchise opportunity and start your journey towards owning a successful Brown Burger Co outlet.

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