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BRV Furniture studio  is a distinguished luxury furniture manufacturer based in Delhi, well known for over 28 years of excellence in the industry. Their expansive 26,000 sq. ft. production unit in Sahibabad, U.P., is equipped with a team of over 100 skilled workers and a network of trained vendors across India. Having a legacy of serving more than 900 clients and contributing to over 3000 projects, BRV is known for a symbol of quality and reliability in the luxury furniture market.

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Brand Outlets

BRV Furniture Studio Franchise opportunity in Delhi NCR & India

Products and Services

BRV offers a wide range of luxury furniture items, uniquely crafted to meet the unique needs of different clients. The products include:
Decorative items
They also provide 100% customisation using 14 different materials, ensuring that their clients have the flexibility to choose any design for any purpose.

Industry Landscape

The Indian Market
The Indian furniture market is experiencing rapid growth, currently valued at USD 44 billion and expanding at a rate of 17-20% annually. The luxury furniture segment, in particular, is poised for significant expansion, driven by increased disposable incomes and evolving lifestyle preferences. The market is becoming more organised, growing at 30-32%, with premiumisation being a key trend.

Real Estate and ITES Segments

The Indian real estate sector is a major driver of demand for luxury furniture, with the residential segment contributing approximately 80% of the market. According to Anarock, housing sales in seven major cities increased by 29% in Q4 FY21 compared to Q4 FY20.

Franchise Model and Financials

BRV offers an attractive franchise model designed to enable rapid expansion while maintaining control over operations. Their franchise model is based on a Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO) format, ideal for Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Here are the details for BRV Furniture studio 
Investment Plan
Initial Setup Cost: INR 3,320,000
Store Size: 900 3500 sq. ft.
Location: High population density areas with a good demographic mix (high and medium income groups)
Financial Projections : 
Year 1 Revenue: INR 21,852,000
Year 5 Revenue: INR 58,122,000
Year 1 EBITDA: INR 304,800
Year 5 EBITDA: INR 3,304,800
Return on Investment (ROI): 31.2%
Payback Period: 38 months

Support and Expectations

Company Responsibilities:
Network development and support
Strategic product mix optimization
Supply chain management
Corporate marketing plans and promotional schemes
Technology driven inventory management and query handling

Franchise Responsibilities Provided by BRV Furniture studio : 

Investment in store setup
Staff planning and local marketing
Ensuring timely payments from clients
Customer interaction and retention
Efficient daily operations management

Why Is BRV Furniture studio The Best Option ?

BRV Furniture studio  stands out for its commitment to delivering affordable luxury. Their extensive experience, quality service, and comprehensive product mix make us a preferred choice in the luxury furniture market.
Thearge scale manufacturing facility ensures they can meet the demands of our franchisees.
There is flexibility for franchisees by not imposing a minimum order quantity. This allows them to explore different styles and cater to various project scales.
They provide a comprehensive portfolio of styles and designs, with 100% customization capability.
Their team comprises industry experts with decades of experience in the luxury furniture market.
They listen to customers and incorporate their feedback into our product development process. This customer centric approach drives their innovation and ensures we stay ahead of market trends.

Ideal Partner Profile :

Financial Bandwidth: Ability to make a mid level investment with a decent ROI.
Operational Capabilities: Stable operations management for sustainable store operations.
Business Development Skills: Strong networking, customer relationship management, and liaison skills.
Experience: Prior experience in the home décor or furniture industry is advantageous but not mandatory.

New Goals for BRV Furniture studio 

Target Markets
The initial focus is on major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and more. We aim to establish 75 – 100 stores in these markets, leveraging our strong brand presence and operational capabilities to achieve rapid growth.

Comprehensive Support by BRV Furniture studio 

BRV provides extensive support to franchisees, including network development, strategic product mix optimization, supply chain management, corporate marketing, and technology driven solutions.

Join Them

Investing in a BRV franchise means joining a legacy of excellence and innovation in the luxury furniture market. With the proven business model, robust support system, and commitment to quality, you can be confident in the success of your franchise.
For more information on how to become a BRV franchisee, please contact us today. We will help you in building your successful future!
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