Chamunda Complex

Chamunda Complex

In the heart of Rehan, Kangra, the Chamunda Complex is a bustling commercial hub, nestled among 12 schools and 2 colleges, drawing a vast crowd. This five-story structure offers an expansive 8,000 square feet per floor, outfitted with essential amenities like lifts, ample parking for 200 cars, and 24/7 affordable electricity. The complex, unique in its vicinity, is ready for business with all licenses in place and sits close to attractions such as Noorpur Fort and Pong Dam, promising high footfall. With added conveniences of large washrooms, reliable power backup, and nearby retail shops, it’s poised for commercial success.

Area (Sq.ft)

5 floors, with each floor having an area of around 8,000 square feet


1 service lift and 2 passenger lifts


Around 500 kW


CHAMUNDA COMPLEX SH 27, Rehan, Himachal Pradesh 176022


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