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The Chatpata Affair Franchise in Delhi NCR and India


Discover Chatpata Affair: A Culinary Adventure


Unveiling a culinary revolution in the Indian street vegetarian food scene, Chatpata Affair stands as a beacon of innovation, transforming a 4.5 lakh crore industry. Immerse yourself in a world of delectable, safe, and hygienic traditional street food.

Area Required (sq.ft)

100 – 2000

Brand Outlets

32 - 37


7Lakh - 1Cr
The Chatpata Affair Franchise in Delhi NCR

More About Chatpata Affair

The Chatpata Affair Franchise India Unleashing Flavor Globally: Our Vision

Dive into a journey driven by the vision to satisfy taste buds globally with affordable, mouth-watering dishes. Our mission extends beyond borders, aiming to make Vegetarian Indian Street food a worldwide sensation. Join us as we plan to add 500+ stores in the next 2 years, adopting the dynamic Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO) model across PAN India. Explore opportunities as Area Developer and Unit Franchise Partners in strategic markets.
*Craving Success? Spice Up Your Portfolio with The Chatpata Affair Franchise!
*Multi-faceted QSR with the widest Indian street food menu.
*Eye-catching modern outlets attracting all ages, especially teens.
*Hygienic, delicious snacks with pocket-friendly prices & low unit costs.
*Area developer franchise opportunity: scale up across key markets.
*Disciplined financials, experienced team, proven success record.
*Fast payback period (9 to 12 months) & exciting profit potential.
#Efficient cart/kiosk model for prime locations (malls, travel hubs, highstreets, etc.).
#Strategic partners needed! Secure the best spots & manage local logistics.
#Investment starts at15 lacs for 600-800 sq.ft. space.
Don’t just invest, invest in flavor! Franchise with The Chatpata Affair!

Destinations of Culinary Excellence

With a proven track record and a reputation for excellence, we’re expanding our footprint across India and internationally. Phase I targets major cities, with Bengaluru boasting 30 prime locations offering an array of flavors.


A Symphony of Flavors: Menu Extravaganza

Chaat Chronicles:
Embark on a culinary odyssey with our extensive chaat menu, featuring delights like Pani Puri, Raj Kochari, and more.
Platter Panorama:
Experience a fusion of tastes with our curated platters – Samosa Chaat Platter, Pani Puri Platter, Dahi Puri Platter, and Dhali Bhalla Platter.
VadaPav Vista:
Mumbai’s essence captured in a variety of Vadapavs – from Classic to Supreme, each a masterpiece.
Snack Symphony:
Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our snacks, from Samosas and Kachoris to Momos and Loaded Fries.
Roll Revelry:
Savor the fusion with our Rolls, including Samosa Roll and Veg Kabab Roll, offering a delightful twist.
Beverage Bliss Quench Your Thirst:
Explore a diverse beverage lineup featuring teas, coffees, lemonades, shakes, and smoothies. From Peach Ice Tea to Dark Chocolate Shake, each sip is an adventure.
Investment Gateway Join the Culinary Odyssey:
Embark on a flavorful journey with Chatpata Affair by investing in a franchise. The gateway to this culinary odyssey starts with an investment of 15 lakhs. Become a pioneer in the revolution of vegetarian street food – join Chatpata Affair and redefine culinary experiences.
Discover chatpata affair for best street foods in your locality. They’re challenging and fun in equal measure (but not equal
all of the time) and we’re 100% dedicated to being their perfect match. For humbling beginnings to an exciting future, the
one consistent in our story is the dedication that our people (The Foodies) work with.
Just as our brands grow and evolve, so do our foodies, who has a key role in establishing our core value. The Chatpata Affair Franchise in Delhi NCR
gives you the delicious flavours from the street of India. If you are Foodie than you must visit the chatpata affair for eat the best and delicious street food of India. And also provide a best quality of packaging.
For inquiries and more, contact us at: – +91 92054 34226.

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