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ConnPlex Smart Theatres Franchise in India


Make The Movie of Your Success : ConnPlex Smart Theatres Franchise Opportunity 


Are you thinking of investing in an attractive and innovative business opportunity in the entertainment industry? Think of none other than ConnPlex Smart Theatres, which is India’s fastest-growing cinema chain and is revolutionising the movie-watching experience.

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ConnPlex Smart Theatres Franchise Opportunity in Delhi NCR & India

More About ConnPlex Smart Theater franchise in Delhi NCR & India.

About Them:

At ConnPlex, they are working to redefine the cinema-going experience with their ultra-luxurious and smart theatres. 


Their mission is to provide the most comfortable cinemas with the most attractive offers to their audience, thus ensuring a better cinematic experience at an affordable ticket price. ConnPlex is a venture by VCS Industries Limited, a public limited company with a rich history in movies and film marketing, promotions, advertising, distribution, and overseas releases. 

Why ConnPlex Is a Good Option to Invest?

Innovative Offers: The team at ConnPlex is constantly working on various modules to enhance the quality of the viewing experience. This will enhance the customer visits and thus increasing profits. They also offer creative and attractive offers to viewers, thus ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.
High-Performance Infrastructure: ConnPlex theatres have high-performance infrastructure with better surface design, air circulation, and technology, so they have the highest standards in the industry.
Excellent Technology: They provide a handcrafted cinematic experience to the viewers by installing the latest technology at ConnPlex. 
Return on Investment: With ConnPlex, you can expect maximum returns on your investment with minimum operational costs. Their franchise models offer high ROI within a short period.

Franchise Models:-

Mini Model (50-60 Seats):Minimum 2 screens, space required: 1000 to 1400 sq. ft. per screen.
Express Model (61-80 Seats):Minimum 3 screens, space required: 1500 to 2000 sq. ft. per screen.
Premium Model (81-124 Seats):Minimum 3 screens, space required: 2500 to 3000 sq. ft. per screen.

Franchise Revenue Modules:-Box Office Collection: Earn from movie ticket sales.

Food & Beverages: Generate revenue from cafeteria sales.
Conference Facility: Utilize morning shows for seminar/conference services.
Screen Advertisements: Earn from in-house advertising campaigns.

Viewer Benefits at ConnPlex : –

There are a lot of viewer benefits too for the viewers so that they are attracted towards the Connplex and thus they will have a continuous visitors.

Cashback: Their cashback reward program makes your movie experience even more rewarding.
Discount Offers: Enjoy great deals and discounts on tickets and F&B.
Value for Money: Experience the best cinematic experience at an affordable price.

ROI Projection : –

Their franchise models offer a quick return on investment:

Mini Model: ROI in 30 months
Express Model: ROI in 24 months
Premium Model: ROI in 18 months

Franchise Support:

Fast Set-Up: Get your ConnPlex theatre up and running in just 45-60 days.
Latest Technology: You will surely get benefits from their experts in installing the latest technology in your theatre.
Ultra Luxury Theatres: Enjoy 100% comfort with sofa seating and loungers.
Varieties in F&B: Offer a wide variety of food and beverages, including local delicacies.
24/7 Operative Theatre: Increase revenue with round-the-clock operation (proposed).
Web-Series for Young Viewers: Attract a wider audience with web-series screenings (proposed).
Government Subsidy & Support: Enjoy the benefits of the government subsidies and support in select states.

Franchise Revenue Projection:

Ticket Revenue: Earn from movie ticket sales.
Food & Beverages: Generate revenue from cafeteria sales.
Conference & Food (Revenue): Utilize morning shows for seminar/conference services.
Advertisement (Revenue):Earn from in-house advertising campaigns.

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Invest in ConnPlex Smart Theatres and be a part of the future of cinema. With their innovative offerings, high returns on investment, and excellent support system, ConnPlex is the perfect franchise opportunity for you.

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