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Jaipur Kurti, a name which is said to be having traditional and contemporary fashion fusion in every stitch!

Having a legacy of almost 12 years and a strong brand recall, Jaipur Kurti is people’ go-to destination for affordable premium ethnic wear. It is an NSE-listed company, also as said by Jaipur Kirti it’s a matter of pride that they have vertically integrated full-stack model, ensuring quality and consistency across their comprehensive categories.

Area Required (sq.ft)

800 – 1000

Brand Outlets

10 - 15
Jaipur Kurti franchise

More About Jaipur Kurti

About Jaipur Kurti’s

When you are considering a franchise investment, Jaipur Kurti stands out as a premier choice for different compelling reasons. The important features that compel you that why you should choose Jaipur Kurti for your entrepreneurial journey:


Legacy and Brand Recognition:

Jaipur Kurti has a rich legacy of 12 years in the fashion industry. Their brand name has heritage vibes, resonating with customers seeking authentic Indian fashion. This legacy and brand recognition provide a solid foundation for franchise owners, ensuring a good flow of customers drawn to their trusted names.


Celebrity Endorsement:

Adding an extra star to their brand’s sky is their esteemed brand ambassador, the legendary Madhuri Dixit. With her star power and credibility, Madhuri Dixit enhances Jaipur Kurti’s appeal, attracting a wider audience and establishing confidence in their brand among customers. This celebrity endorsement sets them apart from competitors and adds a unique touch of glamour to their offerings.


Vertically Integrated Model:

One of their key strengths is included in their vertically integrated model. From design conceptualisation to production and retail, they are maintaining complete control over every aspect of the supply chain. This integration ensures meticulous quality control, allowing them to deliver premium products consistently. Moreover, it also enables them to optimise costs and efficiency, thus maximising profitability for franchise owners.


Comprehensive Categories:

At Jaipur Kurti,they offer a wide range of ethnic wear, serving various tastes and preferences. Their extensive catalogue includes kurtas, kurtis, salwar suits, sarees, and more. By providing comprehensive categories, they are ensuring that customers find everything they need under one roof, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering loyalty. And this helps in increasing your sales and further increased profits.


Affordable And Best:

They have premium-quality ethnic wear at affordable prices, making luxury fashion accessible to all segments of society. This affordability factor makes them stand unique in the market, appealing to customers who desire quality without breaking the bank. As a franchise owner, you can capitalise on this unique value proposition, attracting a broad customer base and driving sales.
Their owners can embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey in this fashion industry, having the support of a trusted brand and a proven business model.
As they are expanding their stores locally and globally, they are pledging to remain committed to strengthening cultural connections and blending traditions with fashion trends. Their #MereDilSeClosetTak initiative reflects their borderless approach to fashion, crossing all geographical boundaries.
Currently, they are having 12 stores operational, and plans to open more soon. They are planning on expanding pan-India, with a primary focus on states like Andhra Pradesh-Telangana, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Bihar-Jharkhand.


For franchise opportunities, they are offering the FOFO (Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated) model, which requires an area of 800 sq ft.
The total investment: 25 to 35 lakh
Unit fit-outs
Franchise fees
IT hardware
Other store essentials
They are providing you:
Comprehensive brand support
Pre-opening assistance
Ongoing marketing support
Inventory management
Staff training
Join them in bringing the rich heritage of Jaipur Kurti to new markets and communities.
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