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Join Vadilal Franchise in Delhi Ncr India, Start Your Journey with Quality Ice Cream Parlours


Vadilal franchise opportunity


Are you ready to start your entrepreneurial journey into this exciting world of ice cream parlours? Vadilal Hangout, where we invite passionate entrepreneurs and savvy investors to become a part of our esteemed franchise family. With a brand legacy spanning over 110 years, Vadilal Hangout presents a golden opportunity to start your own ice cream parlour in your neighbourhood.

Area Required (sq.ft)

400 – 2000

Brand Outlets

50 - 101


10 Lakh - 20 Lakh
Vadilal Franchise in Delhi Ncr

More About Vadilal Franchise in Delhi Ncr

About Vadilal Hangout 

Vadilal Hangout is not just any ordinary ice cream parlour; it’s a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Founded on the vision of Shri Ramchandra Gandhi and Shri Vadilal, their brand has evolved from a humble retail outlet in Ahmedabad to a modern corporate entity with a national presence. Their journey is marked by relentless dedication to excellence, technological advancements, and a deep understanding of consumer preferences.

Why Choose Vadilal Hangout?

Brand Legacy: With over a century of experience in the ice cream industry, V Hangout is a household name trusted by millions across India.
Extensive Reach: With 1.5 lakh retailers PAN India, V Hangout ensures widespread availability and accessibility of its products.
Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of V Hangout. From classic flavours to Gen Z creations like Freakshakes and Ice Cream Sizzlers, they are catering to diverse tastes.
Quality Assurance: Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and stringent quality control measures ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and freshness.


Franchise Opportunities

V Hangout presents an enticing franchise model designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Whether you’re a young professional seeking business ownership or a property owner looking to partner with a reputed brand, you can join Vadilal.

Ideal Partner Profile

Young Entrepreneurs & Corporate Employees with a passion for the F&B industry
Property/Real Estate Owners seeking to collaborate with a renowned brand
Experienced Retailers keen on expanding their portfolio
Entrepreneurs with a strong local market presence and strategic alliances

Franchise Model

At Vadilal Hangout, they say that believe in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships through our dynamic franchise model. As a franchisee, you’re not just joining a brand; you’re embarking on a journey towards entrepreneurial success backed by our unwavering support and guidance.

Brand Support: Their commitment to your success begins long before your doors open. From the moment you express interest in joining the Vadilal Hangout family, their team will be by your side, providing comprehensive brand support. They also offer tailored pre-opening assistance, including site selection guidance, feasibility analysis, and unit development strategies. With Vadilal Hangout’s rich legacy and brand recognition, you’ll benefit from a strong foundation built on trust and credibility.
Comprehensive Training: Knowledge is power, and at Vadilal Hangout, they empower their franchisees with extensive training programs designed to equip you with the skills and expertise needed to run a successful ice cream parlour. Their training modules cover everything from product knowledge and service standards to operational best practices, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. With their guidance, you’ll navigate the complexities of the F&B industry with confidence and proficiency.
Marketing Assistance: In today’s competitive market, effective marketing is key to driving business growth. As a Vadilal Hangout franchisee, you’ll have access to a wide range of marketing resources and support to help you stand out in your local market. From curated awareness campaigns and social media strategies to promotional events and sponsorships, we’ll work hand-in-hand to elevate your brand visibility and attract a steady stream of customers.

Financial Snapshot

Area Required: 400 Sq. Ft.

Total Investment: INR 19-21 Lacs

Franchise Fee: INR 2 Lacs + GST

Average ROI: 65-75%

Payback Period: 21-24 Months

Agreement Period: 5 Years

“Roll Out Plan*
Vadilal Hangout is targeted towards systematic expansion in key cities like Delhi-NCR and Gujarat. With a phased approach and a focus on franchise-owned franchise-operated (FOFO) model, they are aiming to establish a strong presence across India.

Join the Vadilal Hangout Family

Join them at Vadilal Hangout and unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial aspirations. With their comprehensive franchise model and unwavering support, you’ll embark on a rewarding journey towards business success while delighting customers with their unique ice cream creations.
For inquiries and more, contact us at: – +91 92054 34226.

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