Aura Testing Centre


Aura Testing Centre Franchise in Indiain India


Welcome to the radiant realm of Auras testing centre, where we blend the mystical aura with the allure of gemstones in a unique franchise opportunity!

Area Required (sq.ft)

100 – 150

Brand Outlets

2 - 5
Aura Testing Centre Franchise in Delhi NCR & India

About Aura Testing Centre Franchise in Delhi NCR & India:


Explore the Layers of Your Aura:

Etheric Body: Anchoring the physical matter, this energy matrix in light blue to gray guides cell growth along energy lines.
Emotional Body: A dynamic canvas of emotion, depicted as energy blobs in a constant, fluid motion of vibrant colors.
Mental Body: A yellow realm where thoughts and mental processes manifest in various shades, illuminating the mind.
Astral Body: Infused with the rose color of love, this layer facilitates energetic exchanges between individuals.
Etheric Template: A dark blue blueprint shaping the etheric layer, creating a negative space for its formation.
Celestial Body: Immerse yourself in the shimmering light of pastel colors, experiencing spiritual ecstasy and connection with the universe.
Ketheric Template / Casual Body: A golden egg-shaped level embracing all auric bodies connected with the current lifetime, adorned with past life bands.

Decoding Aura Colors:

RED: Rooted in the fearless passion, courage, and materialism of the Root Chakra.
ORANGE: Sacral Chakra’s joy, friendliness, and teamwork.
YELLOW: Solar Plexus brilliance, embodying confidence, happiness, and leadership.
GREEN: Heart Chakra’s hue, symbolizing personal growth, healing, and balance.
BLUE: Throat Chakra’s intuition, protection, and positivity.
INDIGO: Third Eye’s realm, exploring intuition, spirituality, and empathy.
VIOLET: Crown Chakra’s charisma, wisdom, and philanthropy. 

Embark on the Franchise Journey:

Franchise Benefits:

Franchise Model: A compact 100 sq ft space with a single dedicated person. Franchise fee: 1,00,000.

Investment Breakdown:
  – Spiritual Products Stock: 5,00,000.
  – Aura Testing Machine (Germany-made): 6,00,000.
Business Model: Monthly projections foresee a gross profit of 5,35,000, driven by aura scanning services and gemstone sales.

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