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Welcome to the franchise opportunities of Coffea, a name where the art of coffee is perfected over 15 years of passionate experience. As connoisseurs of this beloved brew, they take pride in serving the finest drinks made from perfectly roasted batches of beans. But you know, Coffea is not just about coffee; it’s about creating memorable moments with your loved ones. As coffee is best enjoyed with good company and a delectable meal, they have a range of delicious bites, expertly grilled to perfection. Whether it’s a hearty sandwich or a tasty snack, their menu is designed to add some unique taste to your coffee experience.

Area Required (sq.ft)

300 – 1000

Brand Outlets

50 - 80
Coffea franchise opportunity in Delhi NCR & India

More About Coffea

Why Should You Go With Coffea?

Brand Recognition: They are present  in over 50 locations, and thus it is a well-established brand with a loyal customer base. If you join their franchise that means you will become a part of a successful and recognised brand.
High Returns on Investment: it offers high returns on investment, with average ROI exceeding 100% within the first 15-22 months.
Operationally Running Formats: They have a lot of operationally running formats, such as kiosks, in-shop setups, and larger 1000 sq. ft. formats, making it easier for you to choose what fits best according to your budget.
Halal Certification: Along with this their products are Halal certified, ensuring that they deliver to a diverse customer base.


Product Offering:

Their menu is specially designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From hot and cold coffees to delicious bites and lite bites, there’s something for everyone :

Hot Serve:

Hot Chocolate
Tapri Coffee

Cold Serve:

Coffeea Smoothie
Coffeea Frespresso
Coffeea Cocktail
Ice Tea Brew
Frespresso Shakes
Lite Bite:
Coffea Fries
Saucy Fries
Coffea Nachos
Coffea Pasta
Coffea Sandwiches
Coffea Pizza
Garlic Bread
Pan Fried Paneer
Coffea Brownie
Choco Lava
Coffea Club Sandwiches

Franchise Proposal:

So are you ready to be a part of their success story? Join in Pan India Expansion through the FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated) model. 
Here’s a snapshot of the financials:
Kiosk Format:
  – Area Required: 300 sq. ft.
  – Total Investment: ₹10,00,000
  – Franchise Fee: 500000
  – Royalty: 0%
  – Average ROI: >100%
  – Payback Period: 15-17 Months
In-Shop Format:
  – Area Required: 1000 sq. ft.
  – Total Investment: 1500000
Franchise Fee: 700000
– Royalty: 0%
  – Average ROI: >93%
  – Payback Period: 20-22 Months
Ideal Partner Profile:
They are in search of  partners who share their passion for the F&B industry and are dedicated to growing the brand in their local market. Ideal partners include:
Big business groups or players in the food industry
Partners with local market connections and capability to handle large areas
Property/Real Estate owners willing to be part of a reputed brand
Partners with experience and knowledge of retail markets
Young entrepreneurs & corporate employees looking to start their own business

Brand Reasons to Partner With Them:

Concept food delectable to taste
Cost-effective set-up
High-profit margins
Profit sharing model with no ambiguity
Minimal staff requirements
Options of Takeaway, Cloud Kitchen, and Dine-in Models
Regular & in-depth training with proper dress code
Research-based products
Easy to operate model

Brand Process:

When you partner with Coffea, you’ll receive comprehensive support every step of the way:
Location Determination: They will assist you in finding the perfect location for your Coffea franchise.
Design Support: Their team will provide design support to ensure that your Coffea outlet is both attractive and functional.
In-depth Training Support: They offer thorough training to ensure that you and your staff are fully prepared to run a successful Coffea franchise.
Supply & Sourcing: They will help you in sourcing high-quality ingredients and materials for your Coffea outlet.
Marketing Support: Their marketing team will provide them with the tools and strategies you need to promote your Coffea franchise effectively.
Licence Guidance Support: They will assist you in navigating the licensing process to ensure that your Coffea franchise is fully compliant with all regulations.
Unique Selling Proposition:
Coffea’s unique selling proposition lies in their commitment to provide a diverse international range of coffee, food, and tea at affordable prices. With their ‘Made in India’ concept, they are dedicated to narrow the gap by providing an affordable menu that caters to diverse tastes. 
Sustainability Commitment:
At Coffea, they are committed to sustainability. Their food items are packaged in biodegradable boxes, and they also provide double-walled paper straws to ensure that both your enjoyment and the environment are well taken care of.

Join the Coffea Family:

Make a wise investment choice and join the Coffea family today. With their proven track record of success and  commitment to excellence, you can trust that a Coffea franchise is a recipe for success.
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