Raymond’s Ethnix Expansion: A Gateway to Tradition and Elegance

Raymond’s Ethnix has elevated its retail presence with the grand opening of its largest flagship store at Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, in the heart of Delhi.

This 5,300 sq ft haven is a showcase of the brand’s latest collection, featuring a diverse range of ethnic wear, including kurtas, sherwanis, bundis, and bandhgalas. As Ethnix by Raymond continues to blend tradition with contemporary style, this flagship store marks a significant stride in its commitment to offering unique and elegant designs to its customers.

Area Required (sq.ft)

1100 – 4000

Brand Outlets

150 - 175
Ethnix By Raymond franchise In delhi

More About Ethnix By Raymond

Ethnix By Raymond Strategic Expansion Plans: 150 Stores Across the Nation

In a strategic move, Ethnix by Raymond is set to fortify its footprint by unveiling approximately 150 stores across the country in the current financial year. The brand’s vision is not merely confined to retail expansion but aims to create a cluster approach. By strategically opening stores in key locations like Chandigarh and Ludhiana, Ethnix aims to establish a strong connection between its brand and the diverse customer base, ensuring a personalized and memorable shopping experience.


Pandemic Pause and Resilient Resurgence

Acknowledging the global impact of the pandemic, Preeti Chopra, National Head of Business Development Retail at Raymond Limited, emphasized Ethnix’s resilience. While the pandemic prompted a cautious pause, the brand is now gearing up for an ambitious resurgence. With a target of 150 stores by March 2023, Ethnix is not merely bouncing back; it’s leaping forward with renewed determination.


Karol Bagh: A Symbolic Market Entry

Karol Bagh, chosen as the location for the flagship store, holds special significance. Preeti Chopra expressed that Karol Bagh is more than just a market; it’s a sentiment. Raymond, synonymous with weddings and celebrations, positions Ethnix to meet the demands of customers in this vibrant market. The store promises not just products but an experience—unique and elegant designs at an affordable price range, encapsulating the spirit of weddings and celebrations.


Ethnix by Raymond: A Youth-Centered Traditional Wear Brand

Ethnix is Raymond’s answer to the evolving preferences of the youth. Positioned as a traditional wear brand tailored for customers aged 25 to 35, Ethnix strikes a balance between tradition and modernity. The brand’s collection is a fusion of timeless craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, resonating with the discerning tastes of the youth who seek both cultural rootedness and fashionable flair.


Financial Insights: A Lucrative Franchise Opportunity

For potential franchisees, Ethnix by Raymond presents a lucrative opportunity. With store sizes ranging from 1,100 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft and a focus on high-street properties with good footfall, Ethnix offers a compelling business proposition. The franchise model includes a competitive ROI, security deposit details, and financial projections, making it an attractive investment for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the flourishing market of traditional and ethnic wear.


The Ethnix Experience: Tradition, Elegance, and Beyond

In conclusion, Ethnix by Raymond is not just a brand; it’s an experience. With a legacy rooted in tradition, a commitment to elegance, and a forward-thinking approach, Ethnix invites entrepreneurs to be part of its growth story. Whether through the timeless appeal of its collections, the strategic expansion plans, or the enticing franchise opportunities, Ethnix is setting the stage for a new era in the world of traditional wear. Join the Ethnix family and become a curator of tradition, elegance, and fashion-forward choices.


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