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Are you considering investing in a pre-school franchise? Here’s why EuroKids should be your first choice:

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Eurokids franchise opportunity in Delhi NCR & India

Intelligent Investment :

Lower CAPEX: EuroKids offers a franchise investment of 12-15 lakhs, with the exact amount depending on the size of the pre-school and the city.
Faster Return: EuroKids ensures a faster return on your investment compared to other preschool franchises.Better Profitability: With EuroKids, you can expect better profitability due to their proven business model.

Great Work-life Balance :

Limited hours of Involvement: EuroKids pre-schools require limited involvement, allowing you to have a great work-life balance.
Time for your Family: Spend more quality time with your family while owning a successful pre-school franchise.
Be surrounded by Young Minds: Experience the joy of being surrounded by young minds eager to learn.
Great Sense of Pride: Be proud to be associated with one of India’s leading pre-school brands.


A Massive Untapped Market 

Resilient Business: Even in difficult situations, the pre-school business remains resilient.
Only 2% of the 165 million children in India aged 0-6 years are enrolled in pre-schools.
Market Penetration: Market penetration in India is minimal compared to other countries like the USA (90%), UK (90%), and China (60%).
Rapid Growth: Preschool admissions are growing rapidly with a consistent CAGR of 20% in the last 5 years.
Increasing Demand: With 65% of the Indian population under the age of 35 and an increase in the women workforce, the demand for pre-schools is on the rise.
Increasing Education Consumption: Education consumption has increased over the last 15 years, with Indian consumers spending 46% on food and the second highest, 23%, on education.
It’s the Time to Get Started With Your Own Pre-school Franchise
Investment: 12-15 lakh investment depending on the size and location.
Long Term Vision: EuroKids offers a business with sustained returns provided you have a long-term vision towards the venture.

The EuroKids Expertise :-

       7,00,000+ Students Nurtured
10,000+ Staff
Developed by Child Psychologists
21+ Years of Experience
100+ Centres
40+ Awards
Age-specific Certified Teachers
35,000+ Hrs in Curriculum Research
6 Lakh Hours in Training our Partners

Discover The True Potential Of Pre-school Business With EuroKids :-


EuroKids offers various preschool programs designed to give children a happy beginning and a solid foundation for their future:
PlayGroup (2 to 3 years): Focuses on fostering early brain development through active hands-on discovery & exploration.

Nursery (3 to 4 years): A unique blend of essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, science & social skills in a logical & natural sequence.
EuroJunior (4 to 5 years): Emphasises on encouraging children to realise their inner potential while learning & growing at their own pace.
EuroSenior (5 to 6 years): Aims at building vocabulary & application of concepts learnt in EuroJunior.
Vacation Programs: EuroKids organises summer and winter camps to help enhance a child’s analytical, cognitive, social and language skills. 

Expanding The Horizons Of Education

EuroSchool is the K-12 school arm of EuroKids International. Powered by a ‘balanced schooling philosophy, EuroSchool enables every child to discover his or her true self.

EURO TOTS Toddler Transition Program 

EuroKids proudly introduces the EURO TOTS Toddler Transition Program, a transformational experience for toddlers to nurture young minds and develop essential life skills.

A Mindful Curriculum – EUNOIA 

Based on our Child-First Ideology, EUNOIA – The Mindful Curriculum offers a host of fun-based learning, activities, and games that impact the MIND, BODY, and SOUL, helping kids build essential life skills.

Get The Right Start, Flying Start With EDGE360 A EuroKids Franchise Support Program

EuroKids offers extensive support to its franchise partners through the EDGE360 Franchise Support Program, which includes marketing collateral, lead generation, and end-to-end operational support.

Franchisee Must-Knows : 

Here are some frequently asked questions about becoming a EuroKids franchise:
1. Why partner with EuroKids?
2. How much do I need to invest in a EuroKids Pre-School franchise?
3. How much area does one need to open a EuroKids Pre-School?
4. How do I decide if a location is appropriate to start a Pre-School?
5. How much time does it take to set up a Preschool centre?
6. How much admission fee will the parent have to pay for admission at my Pre-School?
7. Can I use my Pre-School premises for any other activities after the Pre-School hours or during vacations?
8. Do you provide assistance in setting-up infrastructure and a safe environment in the Pre-School? Can you help me create an appropriate ambiance?
9. I am new to running a Preschool franchise, how will I learn to manage the day-to-day operations at my new Pre-School?
10. Do you provide any marketing support to promote my Pre-School?
11. What support do I receive with reference to recruitment & training of teaching & other staff for the Pre-School?
12. How many staff and other Pre-School personnel will I need to run my centre?
 You will be getting answers to all these questions with Franchise AVS.
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