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Step into the Spotlight: Lease the Cinematic Magic for Rajhans Cinemas with Franchise AVS Company

Lights, Camera, Leasing! Unleash the Cinematic Spectacle with Rajhans Cinemas 
Embark on a leasing opportunity that transcends business – it’s about owning a piece of the big screen magic. Rajhans Cinemas, India’s cinematic marvel, invites passionate entrepreneurs to become leasing partners, curating experiences where each frame tells a story and every seat promises unforgettable moments.

Area Required (sq.ft)

15000 – 35000

Brand Outlets

120 - 130
Rajhans Cinemas leasing in india

More About Rajhans Cinemas

Why Rajhans Cinemas? The Showstopper Leasing Experience

State-of-the-Art Extravaganza: Immerse your audience in cutting-edge hi-tech 3D, 2K projection, and Dolby Atmos surround sound. Elevate the moviegoing experience with large screens that turn each film into a masterpiece.


Luxury Redefined: Bask in opulence with spectacular ambience, plush seating, and a culinary journey offering delectable food and beverages. Create a haven where every visit feels like a royal affair.


Cinematic Diversity: Showcase a spectrum of films, from Hollywood blockbusters to indie gems, ensuring there’s a reel for every taste. Be the curator of entertainment, bringing stories that resonate with diverse audiences.


Customer Service Extravaganza: Cultivate a loyal following with Rajhans Cinemas’ commitment to unparalleled customer service. Your patrons aren’t just customers; they’re guests in a cinematic symphony crafted for their delight.


Behind the Scenes: Your Rajhans Advantage

Comprehensive Support: Dive into the leasing journey with confidence. Receive extensive training and ongoing support from the seasoned Rajhans Cinemas team, ensuring you’re equipped for success.


Marketing Magic: Leverage the power of an established brand. Benefit from Rajhans Cinemas’ marketing prowess and brand recognition to attract audiences and create a thriving business.


Bulk Bonanza: Enjoy the perks of bulk purchasing power, from equipment to concessions. Maximize savings with Rajhans Cinemas’ volume discounts, elevating your financial potential.


Lucrative Returns: Ride the wave of India’s booming entertainment market. Reap the rewards of a lucrative venture where passion meets profit.


Ready to Steal the Show?

If you’re a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for bringing cinema to the heart of your community, the Rajhans Cinemas franchise awaits. Seek individuals who possess stellar business acumen, understand the local market, are committed to exceptional customer service, and bring financial prowess to invest in the cinematic dream.


Site Qualifications:

Minimum Carpet Area – 15,000 Sq.Ft to 35,000 Sq.Ft
Minimum 700+ seating capacity with a minimum of 3 screens.


Don’t Wait – Cue the Action!

Seize the opportunity to be part of India’s leading cinema chain. Contact us  and let the journey towards leasing your own piece of the big screen commence. Rajhans Cinemas – where the spotlight is yours!

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