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The Samosa Singh Franchise in Delhi NCR and India


Franchise Opportunities with Samosa Singh: Bring the Profits In Your Plate

Samosa Singh, as it is denoted by tradition meets innovation, and here passion blends with entrepreneurial opportunity. Samosa Singh is a pioneering brand that has redefined the humble samosa with a modern twist, creating a healthier, tastier, and globally appealing product. Having more than 60 stores in 7 cities and a presence touching over 30 million people, Samosa Singh stands as the world’s first branded samosa company. Now, you have the chance to join this amazing journey of theirs by owning a Samosa Singh kiosk or food stall outlet. 

Area Required (sq.ft)

100 – 2000

Brand Outlets



10Lakh - 25 lakh
Samosa Singh Franchise Opportunity in Delhi NCR & India

More About Samosa Singh


Investment Models: 


Kiosk: ₹17.5 to 22.5 lakhs
Outlet: 100 to 400 sq ft area, seats 20-30 people
Cart Model: A food truck without an engine


Samosa Singh offers a variety of fillings along with kulcha, chat fountain, sweets, and their signature samosas. They also have cloud kitchen and B2B business models.


The Franchise Journey

Concept Understanding and ROI Discussion: The franchise journey with Samosa Singh begins with gaining a detailed understanding of the concept. Prospective franchisees will walk through the ROI sheet and discuss financial things together. The discussion will include the FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) model, ensuring clarity on investment and returns.

Business Viability Clarification: To ensure confidence in the investment, any queries regarding the business’s viability will be addressed. A detailed discussion on feasibility and expected returns will provide a clear picture of the financial prospects.

LOI Signing: The engagement process begins formally with the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) and payment of 50% of the agreed franchise fee. This step solidifies the commitment and sets the stage for the next phases.

Location Mapping: A demographic analysis is conducted to assess the viability and potential of the chosen location. Once a suitable location is identified, property agreements are finalised to secure the site for the new outlet.

Agreement and Launch: The final franchise agreement is signed, and the remaining 50% of the franchise fee is paid. Necessary licences are applied for, and the outlet is launched, marking the beginning of a new business venture.

About the Founders

Samosa Singh was founded by Shikhar and Nidhi, a couple who transitioned from traditional jobs to successful business owners. Starting from a single store, they have expanded to multiple locations, transforming a small startup into a funded company with nearly 200 employees. Their journey is a symbol of  their dedication and vision for the future.

Why the Samosa Singh Franchise?

Proprietary Automation: Ensures consistent quality and efficiency across all outlets.

Product Standardisation: Maintains uniform taste and quality, ensuring that every samosa meets the brand’s high standards.

Healthier Alternative: Samosa Singh offers a guilt-free range with less fat and calories, appealing to health-conscious consumers.

High Gross Margins: The business model ensures profitability with attractive gross margins.

Scalable Business Model: The franchise model supports expansion and growth, making it a sustainable investment.

Passive Income Opportunity: With the FOCO model, you can earn monthly returns without impacting your current job or business. The model offers a constant profit of 40%*, supported by the brand’s operational expertise.

Transparency: Franchisees have live sales data, full visibility of amounts and sales, and end-of-month reports.

Partnership: Franchise partnership with Samosa Singh includes support for vehicle breakage, phone, packing, and logistics costs.

Priority Locations for Franchise Partners  

Samosa Singh is currently prioritising franchise partners in the following cities:

* Bengaluru
* Hyderabad
* Delhi NCR
* Chennai
* Mumbai
* Pune
* Kochi

Specific priority locations include DLF Cyber City in Chennai, Lulu Mall in Kochi, and Nexus Mall in Hyderabad.

Franchise Model

FOCO Model (Franchise Owned, Company Operated): In this model, the franchisee owns the outlet, bearing the initial investment costs and ongoing expenses such as rent and utilities. Daily operations are managed by the franchisor’s team, making it ideal for investors who want to own a franchise without dealing with daily operational challenges. This model utilises the franchisor’s experience to drive profits and maintain brand standards.


This golden opportunity to join a brand with a high footfall area ensures constant profit generation. Partner with Samosa Singh today and watch your investment grow as you bring a healthier, tastier samosa experience to your community.

Investing in a Samosa Singh kiosk or food stall outlet is more than just a business opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of a brand that has revolutionised a beloved traditional snack. 
As Samosa Singh’s team has to say: 
”Believe in our vision and we will make a good future together!”
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