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Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Xero Degrees Franchise Opportunity

Are you also passionate about food and looking to venture into the exciting world of the food and beverage industry? So your search ends here! Xero Degrees presents an exciting franchise opportunity that constitutes mouth-watering flavours, impeccable service, and innovative concepts to create the perfect winning formula for your success.

Area Required (sq.ft)

250 – 1000

Brand Outlets

90 - 137


35 - 60 Lakh
Xero Degrees Franchise Opportunity

More About Xero Degrees

Introduction to Xero Degrees:

Xero Degrees, which was founded by Kashish Aneja & Shivam Kakkar in 2018, has rapidly emerged as one of the most successful and fastest-growing F&B franchise cafe chains in India. Having a unique blend of Indian and American flavours, Xero Degrees also offers a wide range of menu that satisfies the taste buds and make them crave for the food again!

Why Should You Choose Xero Degrees?

At Xero Degrees, they not only believe in offering just delicious food; but also they provide an unparalleled franchise opportunity that includes everything from innovation to support, and a strong brand identity. The most compelling reasons why you and other budding entrepreneurs should choose Xero Degrees:
Proven Record of Success: With a network of over 85 operational outlets across India and 45 more in the pipeline, Xero Degrees has established its position as a leader in the Food and Beverage industry. Their remarkable growth journey speaks volumes about the success and sustainability of their franchise model. By joining Xero Degrees, you as a franchise will get access to a proven system that has consistently delivered exceptional results.
Unique Menu: The speciality of Xero Degrees is their innovative menu that blends the best of Indian and American cuisines. Their menu includes everything from indulgent cheesy fries to mouth-watering gourmet pizzas, and these offerings cater to diverse tastes and preferences. They are continuously trying to surprise and delight their customers with unique flavour combinations and dish creations, ensuring that every dining experience is nothing short of memorable.
Comprehensive Support: As a franchisee, you’ll surely get benefitted from their strong commitment to your success. Their comprehensive support system includes every aspect of your franchise journey, from vendor management and supply chain support to staffing assistance and marketing guidance. As per them they totally understand that navigating the complexities of the Food and Beverage industry can be hectic, that is why they also provide ongoing operational support and equip their franchisees with the resources and expertise needed to excel in their business. So why to worry!
Strong Brand Identity: Xero Degrees is not just a restaurant; it’s an immersive experience that attracts customers and fosters a sense of community. Their brand identity is built on values of warmth, vibrancy, and inclusivity, making us a preferred destination for food enthusiasts of all ages. Through strategic branding and marketing initiatives, they also ensure maximum visibility and engagement for their franchise partners, driving foot traffic and enhancing profitability.
So, Xero Degrees doesn’t only offer a franchise opportunity, it provides a pathway to entrepreneurial success backed by a proven track record, innovative menu offerings, comprehensive support, and a strong brand identity.

Franchise Models Available:

Choose from a range of franchise models tailored to suit different locations and investment capacities:
1. Cafe in Tier 1 City
– Minimum area: 1,000 Sq ft
– Investment: 60 Lacs
2. Cafe in Tier 2 City
– Minimum area: 1,000 Sq ft
– Investment: 50 Lacs
3. Cafe in Tier 3 City
– Minimum area: 1,000 Sq ft
– Investment: 40 Lacs
4. Kiosk/Food Court
– Minimum area: 250 Sq ft
– Investment: 35 Lacs


Franchise Proposal:

– Franchise Fees (Brand Fees) = 8,00,000 + GST
– Interior Cost (Development) = 1,800 Rs per Sq ft
– Equipment & Other Miscellaneous Items (Setup) = 15 Lacs


Their Commitment to You:

At Xero Degrees, the owners understand that embarking on a franchise journey is a significant decision. So they offer comprehensive support every step of the way, which includes:
– Finding the ideal location for outlet establishment
– Design and layout of the outlet
– Staff recruitment, training, and replacement support
– One-month Senior Manager support on Franchisor’s payroll for streamlining operations
– Vendor selection and tie-up for raw and packaged material
– Pre and Post-launch marketing support
Join the Xero Degrees Family:
There’s never been a better time to join the Xero Degrees family and embark on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding enthusiast, our franchise opportunity offers the perfect platform to realise your dreams and achieve financial independence.
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