Chai Garam

Food and beverages

Chai Garam Franchise Overview:

Chai Garam is a 12-year-old company with 100+ stores in various cities.
They specialize in freshly brewed, handmade tea and offer a variety of snacks and beverages.
Organic ingredients and no artificial flavors are their hallmark.

Area Required (sq.ft)

50 – 150

Brand Outlets

100 - 150
chai garam franchise in india

More About Chai Garam

Reasons to Partner with Chai Garam:

They provide extensive support for franchisees, from real estate to staff training.
A dedicated in-house team offers expertise in various areas.


Chai Garam as a Business Opportunity:

It’s a budget-friendly, low-risk option with strong cash flows and a broad customer base.
Low initial cost, quick break-even, and perennial product demand.


Chai Garam Franchise Cost:

Initial investment: Rs 7,00,000 to Rs 15,00,000.


Chai Garam Franchise Profit:

Expected profit margin: 12% to 20% per month, depending on location and management quality.

Chai Garam: A Legacy in Tea

Chai Garam, a venerable company in the tea industry, boasts a 12-year legacy with a robust presence in over 100 cities. Renowned for its commitment to quality, Chai Garam specializes in crafting freshly brewed, handmade tea using organic ingredients, setting itself apart with a promise of no artificial flavors. The franchise beckons potential partners with a compelling array of reasons to align with its brand.


Comprehensive Franchise Support

One of the key draws for franchisees is Chai Garam’s comprehensive support system. From aiding in real estate selection to providing thorough staff training, the company is dedicated to ensuring the success of its franchisees. This commitment extends to an in-house team that brings expertise to various facets of the business, offering invaluable guidance and support.


Lucrative Business Opportunity

Chai Garam positions itself as a lucrative business opportunity, emphasizing its budget-friendly and low-risk profile. The promise of strong cash flows and a broad customer base adds to the appeal. With a low initial investment ranging from Rs 10,00,000 to Rs 15,00,000, the franchise offers an accessible entry point for aspiring entrepreneurs. The franchise fee, pegged at Rs 350,000/- plus GST, represents a reasonable cost for the privileges and support extended by the company.


Resilience in the Market

The attractiveness of Chai Garam as a franchise is further underscored by its quick break-even period and perpetual demand for its products. This combination of factors positions the venture as not only financially viable but also resilient to market fluctuations. The emphasis on organic ingredients and the absence of artificial flavors align with contemporary consumer preferences, contributing to the brand’s enduring popularity.


Financial Viability and Profit Margins

Delving into the financial aspect, Chai Garam forecasts an expected profit margin ranging from 12% to 20% per month. This range acknowledges the influence of factors such as location and the quality of management. The potential for such returns positions the franchise as not only a secure investment but one with the capacity for significant profitability.


Tea with a Modern Twist

The franchise landscape in India is marked by diversity, with opportunities spanning various industries. Chai Garam stands out by tapping into the timeless appeal of tea while embracing modern consumer preferences for organic, handmade products. The company’s steady growth over its 12-year history underscores its ability to navigate market trends and maintain a strong market presence.


Beyond Finances: A Commitment to Quality

For those considering a Chai Garam franchise, the appeal goes beyond financial considerations. The brand represents a commitment to quality, organic practices, and a delightful tea experience. The support provided by the company’s in-house team and the emphasis on training reflect a commitment to the success and satisfaction of its franchisees.


Conclusion: A Blend of Heritage and Profitability

In conclusion, a Chai Garam franchise encapsulates a compelling blend of heritage, quality, and financial promise. The company’s 12-year journey, marked by steady expansion and a commitment to organic, handmade tea, positions it as a prominent player in the Indian tea market. For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a budget-friendly, low-risk venture with strong cash flows, Chai Garam emerges as an enticing opportunity with the potential for sustained profitability.


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