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The Chickpet Donne Biryani House Franchise in Delhi NCR and India

Chickpet Donne Biryani House (CDBH) has been proudly catering to the taste buds of customers since 1975. What started with a humble pushcart has now grown into a renowned chain of restaurants across India. Their journey began with Master Chef Gangadhar Gowda, who combined Maharashtrian and Old Mysore styles to create a unique biryani recipe. This secret masala, over five decades old, has made CDBH a household name, renowned for its authenticity and flavour.


Area Required (sq.ft)

650 – 1200

Brand Outlets



20Lakh - 1Cr
Chickpet Donne Biryani House franchise in delhi NCR & India

More About Chickpet Donne Biryani House

The Chickpet Donne Biryani House Franchise India

About Us:

CDBH is not just a restaurant; it’s an emotion called biryani. Their biryani is served in Donne, a dry banana leaf, which not only adds to the flavour but also aids digestion, making it a healthy choice. Made with shorter grained Seeraga Samba (Jeera rice) and their secret masala, every bite of their biryani is packed with freshness and flavour.

Their Vision:

To be known for the uncompromising quality of their food and service and to be a brand of choice known for Freshness, Flavor, and Feeling.


To reinforce the heritage of biryani as an Indian meal – versatile and complete.

Core Values:

Authenticity: By staying true to who they are, what they do, and who they serve.
Hospitality:By being generous and friendly with all their customers, making them feel at home.
Excellence: By constantly adapting, innovating, and being prudent to achieve success.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

– The biryani is served in Donne, a dry banana leaf, aiding digestion.
– Made with shorter grained Seeraga Samba rice, which is more nutritious and flavorful.
– Their biryani is made from a closely-guarded secret masala that is half a century old.
– Every 20 minutes, 40 biryani portions can be made with a single masala packet, ensuring minimal wastage.
– Alongside their signature Donne Biryani, they serve a fusion of dishes from different South Indian states.

Why Franchise With Them:

Franchising with them allows you to utilise a proven business model with a fine brand reputation. Here’s why it makes business sense:
Culinary Reputation :Built over almost five decades, their brand is trusted and loved by customers.
Organisational Support :They provide comprehensive support to maximise your business success.
High Profit Margin: With a quick return on investment, you can enjoy high-profit margins.
Brand Support: Theirbrand messaging and promotions help drive business to your franchise.
Minimal Food Wastage: Their operations are perfected over time to ensure minimal food wastage.
Proven Formula: Minimise preparation time as food items are based on a proven formula.

Investment Model:

Master Franchise:

– Investment:INR 50,00,000 + Taxes + Set up cost for 1 Free Outlet
– Return On Investment:
– Free outlets will be given at the investor’s preferred location for each master franchise. (Royalty collected by the brand from the master franchise outlet will be 3.5%)
– 40% Franchisee fees from each franchise unit opened under the master franchise.
– 2.5% of 6% Royalty collected every month from each unit franchise under the master franchise.
– 6% shares from the masala given to each unit franchise under the master franchise.
– Tenure:5 years Agreement (Renewal to be done after 5 years as per market value then).
– Minimum required carpet area for an outlet setup:600 sq ft onwards
– Minimum 20-25 unit franchise outlets to be allotted under each master franchise.


Unit Franchise:

– Cities: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3
– Carpet Area:
– Tier 1: 800 sqft onwards
– Tier 2: 700 sqft onwards
– Tier 3: 500 sqft onwards
– Franchise Investments:
– Tier 1: 35 Lakhs onwards
– Tier 2: 19 Lakhs onwards
– Tier 3: 15 Lakhs onwards
– ROI: 12-18 months

Franchise Setup Cost – Summary:

-Total Carpet Area in Sq. Ft.
– Interior & Fit outs
– Furnitures
– Signage & branding
– POS System
– Equipment & Furniture
– Inventory
– Licences & Permissions
– GST & other Registration
– Business Promotion & Licensing
– Initial Inventory
– Training & Development
– Launch and Pre-opening marketing expenditure
– Property Deposits (Refundable)

Brand Support:

– Facilitation: They will help you in building and advancing your outlet.
– Set Up:They assist in choosing the best location and provide a blueprint of interior design and architecture.
– Training: Inclusive training programs for chefs and staff prior to the start of business operations.
– Supply & Sourcing:We provide a trusted and reliable supply network to ensure cost-effective sourcing of raw materials.
– Staffing: They support in hiring all staff and replacements as required.
– R&D and Marketing: They get engaged in regular R&D, menu development, enhancement, and marketing development initiatives.
– PR Support:Regular coverage at both national and regional levels through various media.
– Ads & Promotions:They will organise events specific to advertising & promotions at all levels.
– Marketing:Conduct activities to market and communicate the brand proposition.

Awards & Recognition:

-Fastest Growing Restaurant Franchise Brand:Chickpet Donne Biryani House Hospitality Pvt Ltd
– Brand of the Year 2016-2019
– Media: Times Now & Times


Chickpet Donne Biryani House is not just a restaurant; it’s a legacy. Join them in their journey to spread the love for authentic, flavorful biryani across India. With a proven business model, comprehensive support, and a brand legacy of nearly five decades, partnering with us is the right choice for a successful and profitable venture.
For inquiries and more, contact us at: – +91 92054 34226.

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