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Lub Lub: A Flavorful Franchise Expedition

Gastronomic Triumph Unlocking the Culinary Treasury of Lub Lub’s a culinary marvel, emerges as a beacon of delectable Mediterranean cuisine, stemming from the creative minds of five friends – Kumar Saurabh, Kumar Gaurav, Nitin Kapoor, Sumit Arora, and the esteemed Masterchef, Ashish Singh. Their brainchild has recently unveiled its 3rd outlet in Gurugram, strategically positioned in the bustling 32nd Avenue, known for hosting premium restaurants and brewery brands. This expansion follows the resounding success of their 2nd outlet in the same city, signifying trajectory of triumph in the culinary landscape.

Area Required (sq.ft)

150 – 500

Brand Outlets

24 - 30
Lub Lub franchise in india

More About Lub Lub

Passionate Partnership Fuelling Expansion

Kumar Saurabh, Partner at Lub Lub’s, shares the excitement, “After witnessing the overwhelming response and love for our first two outlets in Gurugram, we were enthusiastic about introducing the 3rd one. We hope to garner the same affection and appreciation for our newest venture.


A Gourmet Oasis for Lebanese Delicacies

Spanning an expansive 700 sq ft, 3rd outlet serves as a gourmet oasis, dedicated to crafting the most wholesome versions of Shawarmas and salads. The outlet was inaugurated by none other than Chef Davinder Kumar, Vice President of F&B & Executive Chef at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi. Lebanese’s culinary promise is a fusion of tradition and innovation, ensuring an unparalleled experience for food enthusiasts.


Franchise Opportunity: A Flavorful Business Proposition

Lebanese extends an invitation to passionate entrepreneurs seeking a flavorful journey into the world of Lebanese cuisine. With a proven track record of success, Lub Lub’s has achieved recognition and accolades for its cuisine. The brand operates within a highly promising food services market, expected to grow to US$110 billion by 2025. Lebanese is actively seeking partners who share a passion for exquisite taste, drinks, and unparalleled hospitality, offering a strong market potential for prospective franchise sellers.


Business Overview: Savoring Success

Lebanese stands as a highly loved brand in Delhi/NCR with a legacy of seven years, operating multiple dine-in and delivery kitchens. Notably, Lub Lub’s has achieved over 50% repeat rate, boasting an average rating of 4.2+ from over 5000 orders per month. The brand has won numerous awards, underlining its commitment to delivering supreme quality, generous quantity, and unparalleled taste.


Future Expansion Plans and Projections

Lebanese’s strategic vision extends beyond its current success. The brand plans to go multi-brand by Q2 2023, optimizing resource utilization and maximizing revenue. The business model, a mix of Franchisee Owned Company Operated (FOCO) and Company Owned Company Operated (COCO), is chosen for its scalability and perceived risk-free nature. projections reveal a plan to expand to 30 outlets PAN India by 2025, delivering an ARR of 28 Cr.


Values Driving Success: A Recipe for Triumph

Lub Lub’s isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s a brand defined by its commitment to quality, consistency, and customer-centricity. The brand’s differentiation lies in its focus on freshly cooked offerings at each outlet, resilient operations leadership, and a continuous evolution of products and menu ensembles to meet evolving customer needs.


Tech-Savvy and Resilient Operations

Technology is at the forefront of operations, with mainstream adoption across all functions, from sales and forecasting to reporting and ordering through web and mobile platforms. The brand’s resilience shines through, having navigated the challenges of the COVID era and bouncing back to sales similar to pre-pandemic times.


Value Proposition and Promoter Focus

Value proposition revolves around high-quality, generous quantity, and consistent taste, all while remaining pocket-friendly. The promoters are deeply involved, reflecting passion and dedication at every level of the business. The brand’s relationships with food platforms like Zomato and Swiggy are crucial components of its success.


Growth Projections for Franchise Sellers

For prospective franchise sellers, offers a journey of steady growth. Projections indicate a substantial increase, with 20 outlets by 2024-25 and a projected revenue of 27.47 Cr by 2025-26. The brand envisions a fulfilling partnership, with new outlets taking their first-year journey and existing outlets reaching full potential.
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