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Chai Thela: Brewing Big Success in India’s Culinary Landscape

Franchise Seller in a Diverse Culinary Landscape In a country as diverse as India, where food habits change every kilometer, the franchise industry plays a pivotal role in offering a consolidated experience of regional cuisines. Chai Thela has capitalized on this trend by providing a unique blend of high-quality tea and snacks, reflecting the rich tapestry of flavors found across the nation.

Area Required (sq.ft)

150 – 500

Brand Outlets

24 - 30

More About Chai Thela

Serving the Rising Demand for Chai

Chai Thela, established in 2015, emerged with a mission to cater to the exponentially rising demand for tea. The focus lies in delivering not just any tea but a premium experience, offering exotic flavors loaded with natural ingredients sourced from the finest tea plantations. The brand’s success is attributed to a commitment to quality, freshness, and hygiene in every cup served, complemented by snacks that harmonize perfectly with tea.


A Rapid Ascent in the QSR Market

Swiftly gaining recognition, Chai Thela claimed the 3rd position among the top 10 Indian startups serving tea enthusiasts in 2018, according to a survey by The Indian Wire. Since then, the brand has expanded its footprint, boasting a presence across 10 states in India, with 24 operational outlets and more in the pipeline.


Vision and Mission for a ‘Chai’-Centric Chain

Chai Thela envisions becoming India’s largest ‘chai’-centric contemporary food and beverage retail chain in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category. The mission is clear: to establish Chai Thela outlets in every city, providing superior quality chai and pocket-friendly snacks for people with discerning tastes.


Seven Years of Uncompromised Standards

In the seven years since its inception, Chai Thela has been embraced by the public due to its unwavering commitment to service and delivery standards. The brand aims to establish a pan-India presence, offering dine-in, takeaway, and a robust online presence while creating job opportunities and attracting creative minds.


Diverse Chai Menu Reflecting India’s Richness

Chai Thela’s menu is a journey across India, offering a plethora of chai varieties meticulously crafted by exploring the breadth of the country. From the signature Thela Special Chai to the flavorful Kulhad Masala Chai and more, the menu is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality, hygiene, and authenticity.


Values Driving Chai Thela’s Success

Chai Thela is not just about tea; it’s about values that resonate at the core. The brand is committed to supreme food quality, operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, media presence, adapting to changing trends, maintaining hygiene, and fostering a motivated and dynamic team.


Expansive Presence in 24 Operational Outlets

Currently, Chai Thela proudly operates 24 outlets across various locations, including prestigious establishments like Fortis Hospitals, Ambience Mall, and more. The format includes cafes and dine-ins, offering table service with cutlery, crockery, and glassware, accommodating 25 covers and above.


Franchise Opportunity Details

For those interested in joining the Chai Thela family, the franchise package includes a non-refundable fee of 10 lakhs plus GST. The required area is 500 sqft and above, with a minimum of 4 employees. The management fee stands at 7% of the net sale, making it an enticing proposition for entrepreneurs eager to be part of this successful chai-centric venture.


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