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Franchise Opportunity: Rocking Deals – Your Path to Success!

Introduction: World’s No.1 Excess Inventory Brand

Rocking Deals a leading franchise seller, invites partners for its renowned brand – the World’s No.1 Excess Inventory Brand. Established in 2015, with a commitment to quality and innovation, Rocking Deal’s has become synonymous with excellence in the secondary and refurbished inventory market.

Area Required (sq.ft)

1100 – 5000

Brand Outlets

15 - 45
Rocking Deals Franchise in INDIA

More About Rocking Deals

About Rocking Deals

Rocking Deals is India’s premier solution for unboxed items, e-commerce returns, excess inventory, and refurbished products. With a robust quality control process and unbeatable prices, Rocking Deals stands out as the safest destination for purchasing secondary and refurbished inventory. As India’s largest and fastest-growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) re-commerce player, the company has pioneered the Certified Refurbished category for major platforms like Shopclues, Amazon, and eBay.


Online Presence and Verticals

With a strong online presence on platforms like Amazon, Shopclues, Meesho, Snapdeal, and Flipkart, Rocking Deals has positioned itself as a reliable source for a diverse range of products. The company operates across various verticals, including e-commerce, offline stores, distribution, franchise, refurbishment, and ISO-certified processes.


1 Million Units Sold: A Testament to Excellence*

Rocking Deals proudly boasts having sold over 1 million units to end customers, emphasizing its dominance in the excess inventory and open-box products market. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has propelled it to unparalleled success.


Diverse Product Categories

Rocking Deals deals in a vast array of categories, including apparel, shoes, FMCG, mobile accessories, kitchen appliances, baby care products, sports and fitness gear, bags, toys, furniture, laptops, household items, pantry essentials, lawn and garden equipment, home furnishings, non-electronics, food supplements, automobile parts, electronics, fashion, beauty, small and large appliances, luxury items, gym equipment, stationery, mobiles, tablets, gaming consoles, and watches.


Accolades and Awards

The company takes pride in its achievements and recognition, showcasing its dedication to excellence. Awards and accomplishments serve as a testament to Rocking Deals’ commitment to providing quality products to its customers.


Expanding Presence: Franchise Stores Across India

Rocking Deals is on a mission to expand its footprint across India. With existing franchise and company-operated stores in Faridabad, Hyderabad, and upcoming ventures in Bahadurgarh, Bhabua, Nazafgarh, and many more locations, the company is poised for significant growth.


Launching 200 Stores in 3 Years

Rocking Deals aims to launch 200 stores within the next three years, solidifying its position as a nationwide presence. This strategic expansion is geared towards reaching new customers, offering a wider product range, and enhancing business operations.


Founder’s Vision: Trust in Refurbished Products

Yuvraj Aman Singh, the Founder and CEO of Rocking Deals, envisions a future where customers embrace the concept of refurbished and unboxed products. Through exceptional customer service and positive experiences, Rocking Deals has successfully shifted perceptions, building trust in the quality and reliability of these products.


Conclusion: Transforming Consumer Perspectives

In conclusion, Rocking Deals has not only established itself as the World’s No.1 Excess Inventory Brand but has also played a pivotal role in transforming consumer perceptions about refurbished and unboxed goods. With an expansive product range, a commitment to quality, and strategic expansion plans, Rocking Deals is poised for continued success in the dynamic world of excess inventory and re-commerce.


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